A Family Outing

I am so delayed in posting these pictures.  A few weeks ago it was rainy outside so we decided to take Landry to the mall to ride the carousel for the first time…and…she hated it!  Once we got there we decided that Trey would ride with her and I would take pictures.  So they headed to find a horse while I push the stroller around the carousel, ONLY to find Trey sitting on the horse with Landry.  It wasn’t 30 seconds until the operator came over and said, “Sir…there is NO double riding!”  Of course before she said that I was shouting, “Trey, get down…you are going to break it.”  Needless to says Miss L did not like riding the horsey alone so they had to move to the “Bench” seat.  Enjoy the pictures.IMG_4397   IMG_4408 IMG_4413 After the carousel ride we took Landry to Build a Bear.  “The Jens” were kind enough to give Landry a Build A Bear gift card for her birthday.  I have never done that before but it is a really neat process.  I just wish I would’ve thought of this concept and been retired by now.  Sorry for the bad lighting in the pictures…I could not seem to get a good shot no matter what I tried.   Thanks Jen & Jen…you made her day.  We even have enough left on the card for another outfit for Daisy.

IMG_4422 IMG_4424  IMG_4417


The finished product…Daisy the Cowboy Cheerleading Bear!


  1. Cute pics! OF COURSE Landry has a Cowboy Cheerleader bear! That is too cute.

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    Trish White

  2. Love the cowboys cheerleading outfit!!

  3. I absolutely love these. Keep it up,Kylie!