Project Patio

Last night i realized that I have tons of pictures to post…so this is my week to get them all up.  I am posting from oldest to newest…more pictures and stories from this weekend are coming soon.

Project Patio is finally complete!  For Christmas Trey and I decided we needed a patio makeover.  Like most new homes in DFW we have a very small back yard…especially if you grew up in NWA.  I finally gave up the dream of ever having a pool in this yard so we decided to make the space we do have more useable.  We enlisted Upgrades Construction to give us the patio we dreamed of.  Our only issue is Trey’s TV might not be large enough (so more than likely it will be replaced soon).  We even had a swing installed for Miss L, now we cannot step outside without her going nuts for her swing.  Here is how it all turned out. 

IMG_4678 IMG_4667 IMG_4668 IMG_4670  IMG_4674

We are looking forward to many good times on the patio with friends and family.  Tonight we made homemade pizzas on the grill and ate outside as a family…Yummy!

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