Bath Time Fun

I’m back…I keep finding it harder and harder to make time to blog.  The weather in TX is finally getting nice and we are loving spending time outdoors on our new patio.  Trey traveled last week for work which made it tough on me with work and mommy duty, but luckily Miss L was on her best behavior.  Hopefully this weekend we will be outdoors as much as possible.  Mojo and Jess are driving to TX tomorrow after work to spend the weekend with us.  Jess has some furniture shopping she wants to do and mom is along for the ride.  Mojo will be turning around and coming back in a couple weeks to stay a bit longer over her spring break.  We can’t wait!  Trey is super excited because that means he gets to play lots of golf.  I think he already has 2 tee times planned for this weekend.

The Heflin girls came over for dinner and playtime a couple weeks ago.  Landry always has a blast with them.  After dinner we tossed them all in the bath together.  Miss L loved it and enjoyed sharing her new bath toys.

IMG_4449  IMG_4350 IMG_4359 IMG_4390  After bath time the girls played until everyone…even Chuck…had a meltdown.

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