Jessica Simpson who???

I  am going to start off by saying…GO COWBOYS!  This is a MUST win game, I really don’t think Trey will be able to take it if they lose tonight.  So if you care about MY well being at all you will say a little prayer that the Cowboys pull off a victory. 

I know I said before I am not a fan of the “pink” Cowboy’s gear since pink is NOT their official colors etc.  But who could resist this little sporty princess.

I’m going to confess…MOJO bought Landry this hat months ago when I started putting her in hats.  Almost every time I send MJ a picture she writes back, “she would look better in a ball cap!”  I must admit…she looks pretty darn cute in this PRINCESS BALL CAP!  Thanks Mojo…mothers really do know best :)


IMG_3161 IMG_3120 IMG_3146 IMG_3152


  1. That's my girl, what a cutie! But I also liked the pic of of her and her Dad both with hats on. Go Cowboys! (guess we need to work on her saying that now) MOJO

  2. cute pics! hope Trey is recovering from the loss the other night. can't believe Landry is almost 1! I didn't realize she and Holden's birthdays were 1 day apart. He's two on Feb 4th. Enjoy that little doll -it flies by!

    Trish White