Introducing Miss Stella Jewel!

I am so excited to announce a tiny new addition to our family. Landry's new cousin Stella Jewel Garman was born last night, weighing in at 5lbs. 15oz. She arrived a couple weeks ahead of schedule. I am so excited that Landry and Stella will be growing up so close in age. Stella's daddy Tyler and I are first cousins and we are almost 1 year apart as well. As you can tell by this photo she already has her cousin Landry's sense of style.

I can't wait to get to Rogers in February for a visit. I know Aunt Sharon "the New Grandma" is just over the moon with JOY! The middle name Jewel is after her mother or Grandma Jewel as I knew her! Lindsey and Tyler you did GREAT! Now let the FUN begin!

Oh I almost forgot to mention the best part...she was born on my 1/2 birthday! I know...I always have to make everything about me :) !


  1. So cute. Tell Grandma Sharon Oh Sew Savvy can help with a sweet gift for little Stella : )

  2. She's so cute!!!! Love the hat!