11 Months Old

Well…we are officially 1 month away from Landry’s 1st Birthday!  I have already begun the planning for the big event.  I cannot believe my baby is going to be a year old in less than 30 days.  The majority of the time I say where did the time go, but just the other day I was trying to remember things about the first couple months and it seemed like years ago since I had to get up to give a bottle…or better yet hook myself up to the trusty ole pump.   I think people are right when they say you forget the bad and painful parts of parenthood and only remember the good or else you would never have another baby. 

It seems like just in the last month Miss L has changed so much, the most exciting thing I can report is she is WALKING…YES REALLY WALKING.  She has been cruising around the furniture for months now, but our week long stay at Mojo’s (and her giant ottoman) put her over the edge and she is continuously taking 6 to 8 steps at a time now.  I am posting a video below that I captured tonight.  It also showcases her newest talent, one that makes her DADDY very proud…signaling TOUCHDOWN!  Yes, can you believe it…we named her Landry, born on Roger “the Dodger” Staubach’s birthday, her birthday is on Super Bowl weekend and at 11 months she can signal touchdown!   Now you understand why I insist on her always wearing flowers and bows…it is the only way this chick is going to know she’s a girl.

Here are some photos of Landry’s new tricks. 
Trick #1
Peek a boo!  This is her favorite…she does it with her towel and blankets all the time now.  This weekend we even caught her trying to play peek a boo with one of her socks. 

IMG_2984 IMG_2986

Trick #2 
I just started having to use a brush on her hair after the bath.  Yesterday I turned around and noticed she was trying to brush it herself…so cute!

IMG_3109 Trick #3
Blowing her nose when you say blow.  This one is courtesy of Mojo…but she no longer screams when you try to wipe her snotty nose, she actually helps you.  Thanks Mom!


Like I said before we are now walking so with walking comes bruises.  She came home from Mrs. Kelly’s on Monday with her first (of many I am sure) bump.  Of course I had to have a picture for the memories.

IMG_3051 IMG_3054

Enjoy the video…it is not her best work but it is really hard to video her.  Basically every time she sees me with the flip she starts fussing until I let her hold it or put it away.  She is obsessed with cell phones and this darn flip camera.


  1. That's so exciting...I love the viedo! You do always have her in the cuttest outfits....what in the world would you have done with a boy! :)

  2. Reese says "Awesome! Is she 6 years old already? She has the same jammies as me too."

  3. Ok, now you just need to teach her how to call the Hogs!