Christmas Part III

On Christmas Eve Mojo and Papa cooked dinner for 25 people.  Landry was a little overwhelmed at first with all the new people but she warmed up quickly.  Here she is in her Christmas jammies ready for bed.IMG_2805


IMG_2777 Someone just told Landry that Santa might not make it to Mojo’s house because of SNOW!
She was happy the next morning when she woke up and found out that he did come and brought a BIG PINK CHAIR with him.   IMG_2817 IMG_2834      IMG_2850


Mojo and her favorite Son in laws


I think Trey is saying, “I told you guys she was crazy!”

I know this next pics are blurry…but i loved them too much not to post.  We are exposing Landry to our crazy family ways at a very early age.

IMG_2795Mojo, Jess, Miss L, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Becky & me

IMG_2798 Poor Aunt Becky…this was her first Christmas in Arkansas and Sarah had to
try to block her out of the photo.

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