Christmas Part IV

Finally…Christmas part IV, Christmas with the Garman side.
Told you I had lots of pictures to post.

Landry got to visit Grandpa…I believe he referred to her as a wiggle worm.  She was way more interested in playing with Buddy “the dog” then posing for pictures.  Eventually she wore our her welcome with Buddy and he snapped at her.  I would snap too if someone was slapping my backside.  I hope you enjoy all the photos!IMG_2861

IMG_2883Landry and Rees

IMG_2892 IMG_2905 IMG_2910 Landry’s first photo with her soon to be cousin…Carmen!

IMG_2906 My Papa Dean had a birthday on the 27th…#79!

IMG_2873 The boys in Uncle Ron’s man cave


Landry and Aunt Tina…No time for photo editing…
that cracker is going to have to stay on Landry’s cheek.


I had to sneak in a photo of Baby Mason.  This is my step brothers new baby, oh what I could do with all that hair.  Isn’t he cute!

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