Christmas Part II

Before we left for Arkansas we had our Christmas party with the Whitehead family.  Both Mom Mom and Uncle David were in town.  Mom Mom always cooks a wonderful meal.  I felt bad we did not get to spend more time with them.  Of course Miss L stole the show, she even clapped for herself when she would tear the paper.


OUR FAMILY (minus Madie)
What a difference a year makes…

IMG_2766Mimi and Landry
Don’t worry those are not bruises on Landry’s head…Mimi was kissing on her.     IMG_2647  IMG_2673  Mom Mom and Landry
Someone was cracking her up…guess who?IMG_2686Uncle David and Landry  IMG_2706 IMG_2740 We asked for LOTS of books!
I’ll write about my new years resolutions at a later date but books are involved


Landry’s basketball goal from Uncle David. 
Her Daddy has already taught her how to dunk.

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