Breakfast with Santa

What an exciting day in the Whitehead house!  We hosted our first Breakfast with Santa party for some of our good friends.  We ended up with 19 kiddos plus their parents.  I think all but 3 kiddos actually sat on Santa’s lap.  Poor Kate Heflin kept say, “Daddy…I want to go away”!  I must say a HUGE THANK YOU to Howard aka “Santa”.  He is just a wonderful person.  He spends most of November and December playing “Santa” for families like ours in order to collect toys for charity.  He has his routine down pat.  He did a small meet and greet with each child, then gathered all the kiddos together to sing jingle bells and hand out gifts to each child.  It was so cute to see their faces when Santa pulled out a gift with their name on it.  I wish I was able to take more pictures but I was trying to enjoy the moment.  Anyone that has pictures from the event I would love it if you would send them my way.  I can’t wait until we can do this again next year. 

IMG_1809IMG_1810 Miss L did great with the Big Guy! 

IMG_2005 It would have been nice if I would have wiped her face before taking pictures…opps!

IMG_1916 IMG_1934 IMG_1998 This is her HO HO HO outfit I had made for the big event!

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