Go HOGS…Beat the TIGERS!


The annual Thanksgiving Day rivalry…Arkansas vs. LSU!  Before I married Trey this was just another SEC football game.  NOW the game has more meaning.  See…Trey’s parents were both born and raised in Louisiana.  His Aunt Diane and both of her boys and their families still live in the Baton Rouge area.  Once Robert (Trey’s oldest cousin…and die hard LSU fan) found out Trey was marrying a HOG the rivalry intensified.  Robert hates to lose about as bad as Trey does, so there is nothing better than when my HOGS upset his TIGERS!  Robert and Julie…have fun at the game, wish we could be there.  GO HOGS!

IMG_1057 Seriously Mom…what is this crazy thing on my head!

IMG_1035My neighbor Julie made Landry’s cute HOGS top…check out her stuff on etsy.  

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