Snow in TEXAS…what???

I know…it’s crazy!  It actually snowed in Texas before it snowed in Arkansas, this has got to be a first.  So…everyone knows I have been attending a boot camp class on MWF at 5:30 am.  This requires me to wake up no later than 4:50 am to get dressed and be there on time.  (if you are late you have to do push ups in front of the entire class and no one needs to watch me do “girly” push ups)  Anyway, when Julie and I left class on Wednesday we realized it was not raining it was SNOWING!  We could not believe it.  By the time Landry was getting ready for “school” we had HUGE white snowflakes falling.  I bundled her up in winter gear and took her outside for her 1st picture in the snow.  Hopefully we will have a snowy Christmas in Arkansas this year!  

IMG_1728 IMG_1737 IMG_1727

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