Weekend Recap


Wow!  It is already Tuesday and I have not posted my weekend pictures, this week is flying by.  We had another crazy weekend.  Aunt Jessie was in town for work last week and decided to stay through the weekend to spend time with Landry.  Uncle Tyler could not miss all the action so he drove down on Thursday night to spend the weekend with us and take Jess home on Sunday.  I had already planned to participate in my neighborhood garage sale on Saturday so I recruited Jess to help me with that.  She was NOT thrilled to say the least.  I really didn’t have much to sell but with the little I did have I made about $125 bucks…pretty good for basically getting rid of JUNK!  The best part about getting up so early (5:30 am) was being able to get Landry some new toys at the sale.  I will post pictures soon of her playing with her new kitchen, it totally reminded me of my childhood so I had to get it.  You can’t beat a price tag of $5 bucks!  Trey spent the weekend golfing with Tyler and watching football.  It was a good football weekend, both of our teams WON!  Thanks Jess and Tyler for coming to visit…we always love seeing you!


This hat is my new favorite item.  Right now it is a little big, but I figured she could
grow into it.  I found it for Landry on etsy (I love that site).  The best part is it comes with 7 interchangeable flowers, Miss L is going to be wearing this ALL winter.

IMG_0608 IMG_0532    IMG_0588 One of the negatives about Landry getting older is she is starting to recognize “strangers”.  I hate to think of family as strangers but when she only sees them every couple of months she has to “warm up” every time.  She took an entire day to warm up to Uncle Tyler…but once she did she LOVED him!


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  1. That is such a good picture of you, your sister and Landry. Pretty girls!!