The Furry Monster is 12!

or I guess that would be 84 in dog years?  BOY…I am getting OLD!  Anyone who knows me has heard me talk about my black & white menace named Madie. 12 years ago I received her as a Christmas gift from an ex-boyfriend (that shall remain nameless).  I remember when I asked for a puppy my senior year of high school my mom & sister both thought I was nuts.  Now looking back over the last 12 years we have been through a lot together. 

4 Boyfriends
5 Different Homes
1 New Dad
1 Official name change (Madison Square Garman-Whitehead)
2 Surgeries
and Finally…a new Baby Sister.

The older she gets the grumpier she gets but I guess that is normal.  She actually HATES kids but over the last 9 months she has been very good with Landry…so far.  The down side to getting older is watching her start to struggle to jump, walk and see…among other things.  But I guess we should just be thankful she is still with us and for the most part HEALTHY!  WE LOVE YOU FUR BALL!


11-10-08 picture download from hp camera 030 105christmas 2005 016  In Madie’s eyes the best thing about baby Landry is now I get to dress her up
and most of the time Madie gets off the hook. :)

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  1. haha! Happy Birthday Madie...you crazy little dog!