9 Month Report Card


It is so hard for me to believe Landry is already 9 months old.  I need to start planning her 1st birthday party now…it will be here before we know it.  We went to are 9 month check up on Friday afternoon, the doc said Landry is progressing great and seems to be hitting all the 9 month milestones.  She has always been in the 50 percentile in weight but this time she dropped to the 25 percentile…tall and skinny…who would complain!

9 Month Stats:
Weight: 17.8 – 25%

Height: 28” – 70%

Head – 17.5” – 65%

At 9 months Landry is:
Saying both Mama and Dada
Crawling everywhere…and fast
Cruising (walking while holding onto furniture)
Eating most baby food…when she feels like it
Sleeping like a champ (7:30 pm to 7:00 am)
Screams when she gets excited and/or sees Madie
Last but not least…my favorite…waves Hi & Bye Bye

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