What a crazy week/weekend!


I survived my week alone!  Trey made it home about 7:30 on Friday night and I have never been happier to see him.  Thursday night Landry got a fever out of the blue.  I was really worried that we were going to be stuck indoors all weekend.  I kept her home on Friday and by Friday night she was back to her usual playful self.  Saturday morning we drove out to The Cason’s lake house on Cedar Creek Lake.  It is just far enough out of town that you feel like you are on a mini vacation.  Landry did great on her first boat ride and she just loved watching the Cason boys run around the yard.  I cannot wait until she is big enough to start playing on some of the great toys they have out there.  It is like Disneyland for kiddos, so much fun!

Landry also got to have a play date with Reese Walker. (I told you we had a crazy weekend)  Reese has been so patient just waiting for the day that Landry could actually play with her.  She is NOT the best playmate, but now that she can sit up on her own she is much better than she once was.  Kelly told me that Reese saw the picture of Landry in her tutu and she loved it!  I told Kelly I would make Reese one to match.  I finally got around to making it last week, I think it turned out super cute.  Of course we had to dress both girls up for a little photo shoot. 

Enjoy the photos…I am off to catch up on some reality TV!

IMG_8471  IMG_8556 IMG_8593  Such a cutie! IMG_8616  Reese and her Mommy


One more thing….Happy Birthday Aunt Sarah!!!

IMG_7099     See you in 2 weeks!

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