New Puppy in the Family


NO…we did not get a new puppy, but Granddad did!  Granddad just loves his bird dogs, since I have been a part of the family he always has 3 or 4 dogs.  Unfortunately he had to put 2 dogs down this year, so it was finally time for a new puppy to join the family.  Her name is Daisy and she is so cute! (the OLDER grandkids named her) I love the name…very girly…just what granddad needs!  Landry got to meet Daisy for the first time this weekend, the girl loves dogs.  She was squealing with excitement.  The bad part is once we got home she wanted to  play with Madie, we all know that is NOT going to happen.  She will just have to stick to her stuffed animals at our house.

CIMG0531[1]  CIMG0529[1]

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  1. So cute! Maybe once Landry learns to throw she and Madie will play catch someday. MOJO