Bath Time for Baby

Landry was in such a good mood after her bath tonight I had to capture the moment.  We are having a good week so far.  Landry goes to the Dr. on Friday to get her the flu shot, better safe than sorry.  They are also going to double check her elbow just to make sure everything continues to heal correctly.  Enjoy pictures of our HAPPY BABY!


IMG_8734 IMG_8718


  1. Super cute!!! She's getting so big. Could she look anymore like Trey?

  2. I can't believe how big she is getting! She has changed so much since this summer. Mom stayed the night last night and I was showing her your blog....we were dying at your post about your and Trey's conversation about the ER. I'm glad she's OK. Mom loved all your pictures and wanted me to tell you that she has the prettiest blue eyes! :)