Our Weekend in Austin

I am finally getting a chance to post pictures from our trip to Austin a few weeks ago.  We spent the weekend in Austin with our good friends and neighbors The Hahn’s.  I have posted pictures of their twins on the blog before.  Adults and Kiddos all had a blast hanging out together.  The boys are so good with Landry, and now that she can move and sit up they all 3 played great together.  Austin has had zero rain all summer so the lake is so low that ALL the boat ramps are closed.  We were able to drive the golf cart where there is typically water.  It is really sad to see docks sitting on dry land.  We can’t wait to go back!

IMG_8231   If I could just get Trey’s finger out of this picture.



  I know, this is a terrible picture of ME!  I thought Landry and Trey looked too cute not to post.IMG_8097


They were so happy…This picture was taken while they were in “timeout”!

I could not help but think of the BUBS!

IMG_8064 Landry is showing the boys how to play with her musical toy.


Hudson, Landry & Landon.

I tried for ever to get everyone to look at the same time…NO LUCK!


The deer would just come right up to the house, I have never seen so many deer in my life.

A HUGE Thank You to the Hahn’s for inviting us to crash their vacation, we sure had a blast.

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