Go Cowboys!

Believe it or not until last week I had NOTHING Dallas Cowboy for Miss L.  I was having the hardest time because I wanted it to be blue and white but everything for little girls is pink.  Of course I had big plans for her to wear it to Mrs. Kelly’s and show her COWBOY PRIDE all day…I totally forgot.  You guys all know that I could NOT dress my daughter in blue and white unless she had a matching bow.  I had her a special bow made so she could help her Daddy cheer on his favorite team.   Poor Madie also had to show her Cowboy pride in her Emmitt Smith jersey.  Enjoy the crazy pictures of Romo’s #1 FAN…move over Jessica, Candice or whoever he is dating!


 IMG_9082IMG_9097 IMG_9098IMG_9101


She loves DOGS…unfortunately this dog DOESN’T love her!


I loved her eyes in this picture so i had to post it!


  1. She is quite the model! I will be down there in a few weeks, so I will have to stop by and say hi for sure! Hope all is well.

  2. Is it sad Carsen has the same outfit without the bow of course. LOL! Super cute!