Can you say “MaMa”!

Landry is growing up too fast.  It makes me sad how fast the last 8 months have gone.  I think Trey is loving her getting older.  The more active she gets the more excited it makes him.  I know he cannot wait to teach her to throw a ball.  I have warned him that we WILL NOT go overboard with the sports.  She needs to be a balanced little girl, dance, gymnastics, dance, soccer, dance…wait did I say DANCE!  Relax MOJO…I will let her do some sports.  After all I was quite the JOCK in my younger days. 

This weekend we had a major milestone…she is now saying Mama.  I LOVE IT!  In the morning she wakes up and starts jabbering on her monitor…then out of the blue we hear Mama….Mama…Mama.  I can’t help but spring out of bed and YELL, “Mama’s coming!”.  She is so darn cute!

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us so I will have several new posts coming…stay tuned.  My HOGS play Texas A&M this weekend.  We have lots of Aggie friends here in Dallas so I am praying for a good ole butt kickin! (Tamra, Michel Ann, Courtney, Wendi and Bridgette you’re all going down) Then on Sunday Landry gets to play with the Heflin girls.  We can’t wait.

This picture was too cute…this is Landry’s…BOY friend Landon.  Both boys are really sweet to Miss L, but Landon particularly pays her lots of attention.  What girl doesn’t love a little attention.  Enjoy!


IMG_8999 IMG_8949 Saturday night we went to dinner with Mimi and Granddad.  Landry was such and angel all evening.  Happy Birthday Granddad! 


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