Landry’s Weekend Trip

4 months old and already a frequent flyer! That’s our Girl! The Whitehead clan headed to KC this weekend for my cousins wedding (wedding post coming), Landry could not have been more of an angel. On both flights there was not ONE extra seat available. At first I was nervous because we would like to have the entire row for the extra room. But not to worry…the girl did not make one peep. Actually on the flight home she fell asleep about 30 minutes before we boarded and literally did not open her eyes until we were pulling into our neighborhood (a good 2 ½ hours later). I one point I joked with Trey that I had secretly drugged her…just kidding! Miss L got to go with us to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night but for the wedding my cousin Rees played “NANNY”. Landry just loves Rees…she can’t wait to spend a week together in July! All in all it was a great weekend. I just love getting to share Landry with our entire family. Here are some pictures of Landry enjoying the weekend.


IMG_6138 IMG_5857  IMG_5875 IMG_5908 

Landry finally got to meet Aunt Becky…Last of the Crazy Keast Girls!


Landry…sleeping at the reception.  She is just like me, can sleeps through anything

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  1. I miss her already...I can't wait for her to be here an entire week in June!