Sadie gets HITCHED!

IMG_6028 The Bride & Groom

My cousin Sadie Jo got married to her college sweetheart Nate this weekend in KC. It was a beautiful wedding. Sadie is super low key and does not stress about anything…okay maybe a test or 2 but that is it! Jess and I showed up at her apartment on Saturday afternoon around 1:00 and she just returned from getting her hair done…everyone disliked it and told her she needed to redo the “do”…she said, “okay, do whatever you want”. She had to leave at 1:30 and that meant Jess, Paige (Sadie’s friend) and myself had 30 minutes to work our updo magic on both the bride and mother of the Bride (Aunt Sarah). We did our best and Sarah told us later we saved the day with our quick fix. On our drive back to the hotel Jess and I relived the events that had just taken place and both came to the consensus that we would have been hysterical. Jess even said remember when I freaked over the bad homecoming updo…I can’t even imagine if it was my wedding day. Sadie was as cool as a cucumber the entire time.

The wedding was beautiful, reception was fun (lots of dancing) & the food was great…everything you need for a perfect wedding. We love you Sadie…Thank you for letting us be part of your special day!

Here are some more pictures of our CRAZY family at the Culver-Heckerson Wedding!

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