I survived my first night away!

Such a BIG GIRL...jammies and bows...you know how we roll!

I DID IT…my first night away from Landry! I have officially returned home from my first business trip since becoming a mother. I have always loved to travel and my co-workers that are parents have told me that it becomes less and less exciting once you have little ones at home. Don’t get me wrong it was nice to sleep soundly without hearing small noises on the baby monitor, but the worry and preparation it takes to leave for one night might not be worth it. I made a quick trip to Houston to visit a few clients and even got to take in an Astro’s game thanks to Uncle Dave. I think I might be their good luck charm since they won the game…Dave tells me they have been on a horrible loosing streak lately. All in all…it was a good trip.

At Home…it was just Landry and her Daddy. I must say I married a good man! He is terrific with her, she really has him wrapped around her little finger. Here is a picture I got while I was away. Yes…he even sent me photos. Love Ya Trey!

When I got this picture I could not help but laugh...they look just alike.


  1. THAT is the CUTEST picture of the two of them!! What a great Dad.

  2. Yes, what a great dad! Glad you survived Houston. Now you just have to hit San Antonio, New Orleans, Austin...go team SW!!

  3. So cute! Glad you made it. Way to go, Trey!