What a Beautiful Sunday!

The weather in Dallas was GREAT today.  Trey was gone all day Saturday for a bachelor party so it was just us girls.  When he called to check on us Sunday morning my report was as follows:  Landry A+…she was great, went to bed easy and took all her bottles right on schedule.  Madie on the other hand…F!  She was terrible, she growled from 3 – 4 am…basically until I gave her more food.  Madie hates it when Trey travels, I think she goes into super protect mode. 

Finally The Daddy got home and we had some quality family time together.   This coming week is going to my toughest so far.  Trey is traveling Monday – Friday so I will be flying solo with kiddo + working…YUCK!

Here are a few picture of my little ANGEL today!

IMG_5474 IMG_5468 


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  1. I see Hoss is already wearing her 6 month jumper Aunt Jessie got her.