Busy Little Bees



Greeting all, Trey here…The Whitehead clan celebrated Landry’s first Memorial day in style with a trip to Lake Texoma for some freebees golf stuff and to Lone Star Park for the horse races.  Big thanks to Mimi and Granddad for taking care of the little baby bee while her Mom and Dad were out buzzing around.  I am sad to report that we did not win enough loot to bring home a pony for Landry to call her own, but we had a great time with our friends none the less.

IMG_7689[1]IMG_7687[1] IMG_7736[1] 

Landry has been keeping us on our toes these last few days as she has perfected the art of rolling from front to back in her crib.  This is the first step of her “wake up and squeal” game that she has become fond of in the middle of the night.


“O, I am sorry, did I wake you?”

We also have begun the process of introducing Landry to rice cereal.  By the looks of this picture, I guess this stuff is an acquired taste.  For the record, she did better tonight.


“this is so not my milk!!!!!!”

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  1. Good post Pops. I wish I could get Ryan to post on our blog. Yea, right. Glad to see you on here posting aaway - and funny too of course!