Week in Review

The best thing I can say about this week is…I MADE IT!  I was really dreading getting back into the routine of taking a shower, being dressed and out the door by 8 am.  I know for all my “Teacher” friends you have already taught 2 classes by then…but it is still early for EVERYONE in the Whitehead household.  As much as I miss little Landry (and Trey) during the day, I must say…I do feel more like myself going to work everyday.  Staying at home is great, but I simply cannot stay at the house all day long.  So what would I tend to do with my time…SHOP and SHOP and more SHOPPING.  This was starting to take its toll on my frugal, spreadsheet number crunching husband.  He basically banned me from stepping foot in Target.  Of course he has calculated on his “monthly financial pie chart” the average dollar amount we spent at Target pre maternity leave and post.  Needless to say the numbers are NOT in my favor.  Bottom line…I am back to work and thanks to my wonderful co-workers (Kelly and Toby) I can basically pick up where I left off in January.

On to Landry…she had a great week at Ms. Kelly’s.  She is still sleeping through the night most of the time.  Last night she rolled over twice in her crib, once for Trey and once for me.  We would go in her nursery to flip her back over and she would be wide awake, kicking her legs with a HUGE grin on her face.  I really think she would laugh at us if she could.

Landry also experienced her first baseball game this week.  The three of us went with our good friends The Walkers to a charity baseball game at the minor league field in Frisco.  Miss L was on her best behavior, she actually feel asleep in my arms during the game…noise does not bother this girl.  Before she dozed off I did manage to get one photo of her blowing a milk bubble (either she is gifted or I am NOT getting the soap out of the bottles…oops).

Overall…it was a pretty good week!!!

IMG_5396I only took 2 pictures all night…I will do better next time.


A good pic of Kelly and Ryan Walker

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  1. Next time I know you'll be taking pictures of me with your super fancy camera I really should put on more makeup. hehe

    Had fun at the baseball game and am SO glad you are back at work!