Playdate with the Heflin Girls

Saturday we piled in the minivan and headed to Ft. Worth for an afternoon with the Chuck, Lisa, Kate and Kara. Kate is 22 months and she is talking up a storm, it is so funny! Lisa is one of those moms that has everything together. I am always asking her for advice. She had Kara sleeping 12 hours at 11 weeks. Of course this made me jealous. She told me exactly what to do and for 2 nights straight Landry has slept from her 11pm feed until 6:30 am...YEAH! Thanks Lisa!

Landry, Kate, Kara

I love Kate's face in this picture...she is looking at us like we are crazy. As you can imagine all 4 parents were jumping around and yelling smile!

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  1. So, what advice did Lisa tell you to get her to sleep. Fill me in next time we talk. I'm sure it's opposite of what I've been telling you (aka guessing as I try to think back...)