Pouty Face

These days Landry is 90% smiles but when she does get upset she has the most dramatic pouty face. I was finally able to catch it with the camera...I can't help but laugh at her. I know I am such a mean mom!

For those that have wondered what I have been doing while on maternity leave...the proof is in the freezer. Anyone that knows my husband knows he will do anything to save a buck. So when he saw how much formula cost he was instantly on board with stockpiling. My bunco girls got a big kick out of it on Friday and told me I had to post it...they said I could start sending milk to a milk bank for children in need. Of course Treys comment was, "our child in need lives here."


  1. Awesome! Wish I could have done that. Boo!

  2. Ahahaha the freezer-o-milk is hilarious. Trey tricked Ryan into peeking in there the other day.
    I love her pouty face. I see Trey all the way. And, love the onesie : )