retrospective blogging - post x-mas good times

Trey again
Catch up Blogging “our adventures of the past”
Post X-mas chaos

Pre-school Driver’s Ed – Landry (and Hayden) got right to work learning the meaning of hands at 10 and 2, the 3 point turn, and parrellel parking with the Barbie Jeep (thanks Mimi and Granddad!).  We are still working on the 4 second following rule behind Dad’s heels (ouch).

Celebrating New Year’s in style (AKA at home)…can’t remember if we made it to midnight, but what I do remember, is that fine wine goes well with anything (don't judge)!  Thanks Hahn!

Growing up fast!

Princess tea parties

Mastering her new model “Pose”

Helping Mommy with work

The Carousel!

What no more Carousel?  Gavin and this little toy will do just fine.

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