Happy Easter 2014!
Trey again. – This time Blogging about the present

This year’s Easter celebration at our house was great.  The girls really got into the egg hunts at their schools as well as at home (where the Easter Bunny was extra generous). 

 This little bunny can hop!

Kylie helped the girls die eggs (I will never get used to the smell of hard boiled eggs).  

We made it to church (which we realize we need to do more often).  The girls really loved the music of the contemporary service where Hayden got to color on the floor where she looked up and said, "I love church".  

Kylie never misses an opportunity for a photo shoot with her two living dress up dolls, so both Hayden and Landry woke up with curlers in their hair Sunday morning and with bright springy clothes to wear.

We invited some of our good friends over for some playtime and dinner on Sunday along with my Parents.  Everyone had a great time. We are so grateful for everything and everyone in our lives.  We are Blessed.

Happy Easter!

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