my poor hogs

What in the world has happened to my Hogs this year???  What a depressing season.  On the bright side Miss L got to go her first Razorback football game last weekend.  We were playing Rutgers (who we should have beat) but it came down to the end and we lost.  As Landry told us on the way home, "those Hogs look terrible!"  Even though we lost we still had a blast at the game and tailgating before the game.  The Phillips Family was kind enough to let us sit in their seats on the front row of the end zone, I love these seats and it was the perfect location for Landry.  She was in awe watching the cheerleaders and dance team perform, she danced every time the band played and shook her pom poms until the final minutes.  She was a real trooper and if I have anything to say she will be a HOG fan for life!  

Her first look at the stadium

The Hogs were signing the Alma mater, but Landry told me they were taking a picture since they has their
arms around each other.  Too Cute!
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Sue E, can over to greet Miss L and she wasn't too happy about that.  We are still a little scared of people in costume.

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