Hayden's Circus Bash

While we were in Arkansas last weekend we had a circus themed birthday party for our sweet baby Hayden.  I really cannot believe she is already turning ONE.  I had lots of fun preparing things for this party, I'm not sure why but I love doing this kind of thing.  We had a small family party with a few close friends, it was just the right size.  Hayden has all of a sudden developed the "stranger danger" fear so this weekend was kinda tough on her, but she did surprisingly well at her party.  Much like her sister she did not dig into her cake, which shocked me because she is the eater in the family. We will have another cake for her on Saturday (her actual birthday) so we will see what she does with it.  Thank you to everyone who came over to celebrate our sweet Baby Hayden, she has been such a joyful addition to our family!

I had fun making this cute birthday sign with my good friend Kelly.  Oh...just another one of our "projects"

Aunt Jessie and Becca made this cute glittered elephant for the front door.

The Birthday girl with her JoJo

Sweet Cousins...they are the exact same size, too cute!

Cousin Avery and her JoJo

Lindsey and Victoria

Birthday girl in the bounce house

I love Aunt Jessie...and my 1 tooth!

It's so painful to take a picture with your mother.

Wells and his girls
This next series of pictures is something we have been trying to do for 7 months, we have never had all FIVE Garman girls in the same place "healthy"at the same time.  As you can see it might be a few years before we can get something worth framing. But you can't fault us for trying.  And hopefully the next baby is a BOY...we need it!

Stella 2 years, Victoria 7 months, Landry 3 years, Avery 9 months, Hayden 12 months

Landry figured it out...stab her with a fork and she will stay put!

Sweet Baby Victoria, she is in that great picture stage...sit up but can't move!

And finally...I put together a little photo booth complete with circus themed props.  The pictures always seem strange when you are taking them but I love the way they turn out...so fun!  I will be doing more of these in the future.

My Baby Girl

These TWO might spoil my girls worse than anyone...love them!

You will notice Landry knows the "No Bow, No Go" rule...even if it's supposed to be a bow tie!


Papa Dean and his 5 Great Granddaughters 

And my favorite picture of the bunch....

Aunt Jessie was my test subject...hehehe

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