our belated birthday dinner

As I mentioned before the month of July was super crazy for us.  We took a trip to Arkansas, I went to Chicago for work, we celebrated both of our birthdays & Trey had his yearly golf trip to Colorado.  Before we knew it the month was over and Mimi and Granddad were still trying to find a time for us all to go to a birthday dinner.  We decided we would go last weekend, I figured if we left the house at 5:30 we would have plenty of time to eat before the crowds rolled in, boy was I wrong.  The first place we tried was a 2 hour wait, we loaded back up in the car and headed to another spot that was NOT as kid friendly as I would have liked.  We were a little stressed but all things considered the girls did great and we finally got to celebrate Mommy and Daddy growing another year older!  A guy waiting at the restaurant asked Trey if Landry was 6, he replied with No, just 3 and the guy said, "Good Luck!" As she twirled around in her dress.

This is just my luck, when one is looking the other isn't!

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