Summer fun days

I am so behind on blogging, I swear I take pictures but finding the time to download everything and put them on the blog seems to always escape me. Could someone please tell me where the month of July went???  Last I knew I was in Arkansas for the 4th of July and now it's Aug. (I am back dating this post for future reference).  Both of my girls absolutely love the water, which is good because so do I.  My first job was  lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons so if there is one area I can save a little money it's swim lessons.  So far, Landry has allowed me to work with her just fine, who knows if that will continue.  I sure hope it does because the price people are paying these days for lessons isn't cheap.  We have also been working on her cheerleading stunts in the pool, I have taught her to yell GO HOGS and give the fist pump once she gets to the top.  Trey told me that is embarrassing and he doesn't want to stunt with her at the public pool anymore.  It's so funny!  Enjoy the pictures of my growing girls.  

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