It's pool time...

The weather here in Texas is absolutely beautiful right now.  Since most people don't close their pools for the winter here in Texas at the first sign of warm weather we break out the swimwear and head to the pool.  Lucky for us our good friends The Johnson's put a beautiful pool in their backyard this winter and invited us over for the first swim of the season.  They heated the pool for the kiddos so it was just the right tempurature. Everyone had a blast...Thanks Johnson Family! Hayden has met her match, sweet baby Gavin is exactly 2 months younger than Hayden and was 2 lbs. less at birth but he has made up for it.  They are the exact same size.  Katie calls him her little linebacker...I believe her.  Keep in mind Miss H is NOT a peitte little girl.  I will have more pictures to come but couldn't help posting these two cuties.

Gavin almost 4 months, Hayden almost 6 months

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