Happy Birthday Madie!

Happy 100th Birthday Madie Bear!  For those that don't know I really have 3 daughters, the furry one was my first born.  Madison Square Garman (who was named by one of my best friends Brianne) was the first child I tourched with head pieces.  Madie was the most pampered pouch ever...until Landry arrived.  She was a Christmas gift when I was in High School and she has been with me ever since.  She is very protective of her mommy and is not the most friendly dog to strangers or roommates :) .  We really didn't think she would make it long after Landry's birth but everytime we start doubting her she bounces back like a puppy.  We are sure we only have a short amount of time left with her so we decided to celebrate her big time with a 100th Birthday party.  Don't get your feeling hurt if you weren't invited.  The only attendees were the immediate family along with Mimi & Grandad! 

I told Landry we would make her a cake and that is exactly what we did.  Landry picked out the chocolate...her favorite.

Both girls got all dressed up in their party dresses for the occasion.  Daddy cooked ribs and we all had a great time celebrating.


  1. You might have decorated and gone to more trouble for your dogs birthday than I did for my child's bday this month. I feel very guilty for not even knowing how old Penny is. I'm a bad doggy parent - but that's not news to anyone. Happy 100th Maddie!

  2. Such cute pics!!!!!!!!! Love your rug too, where is it from??? I must have!!!! HEHE!!!

    1. Brandi, I got that rug at World Market last fall. Hopefully they still have them.