Our Christmas in Arkansas

I'm catching up...

After celebrating and early Christmas in Texas with Trey's family we headed to Arkansas to spend time with my family.   We spent Christmas Eve at my Dad's house with the Garman side of the family.  We had a great time.  The next morning we woke up to lots of goodies from Santa at JoJo's house.  Papa and JoJo cooked an awesome Christmas dinner that night.  Landry informed everyone she got a stomach ache from opening too many presents.  Next year only 1 "or 2" as she said.

We had a great trip, of course the birth of Baby Avery was also a highlight.  I was able to see many good friends and spend lots of time with family.  It was a great time but I am glad life is somewhat back to normal.


Some day Hayden is going to yell at me and say, "why the heck didn't you stop her!"
 I'll just tell her it builds character.

Pre Avery Pic

JoJo and Landry preparing the yard for Santa and the Reindeer with some special food we made.

 Hayden was so excited Santa came to visit!

JoJo and Papa got Landry a Minnie Mouse scooter...and all the gear.

Stella and Hayden...look like sisters.

Dad and Buddy

Landry waiting patiently for Papa Bub to free her new Cinderella doll.

I was trying to get a picture of just Hayden and Wells, but guess who wanted in the shot. She is still talking about Baby "Noels" Wells.  Words she doesn't know she associated with something that sounds similar.  She has been calling Wells "Noels" since we got home.  She loves the song First Noel.  She also told me she wants a brother now.  Thanks Vic!

Sweet cousins sharing lip gloss.  These girls are both SUPER girly and little Mommas!

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  1. I love the look on Jessie's face in the 'belly' picture. Did your grass die from your reindeer food? Ours is a weird lime color where we prinkled it.