Our Annual Santa Party

We did it!  We survived another Breakfast Evening with Santa at our house.  I started this tradition 3 years ago for our neighborhood and a few other close friends who make the drive to attend.  I have always intended to make this a Breakfast with Santa event but this year when I called to book Santa in September he was already booked all weekends in December.  I could not just skip a year so I decided we would try the evening party this year.  The kids didn't seem to mind, they still got to see Santa.  Many thought I was nuts for even attempting a party this year with Hayden being just 10 weeks old but we called for reinforcements...that being JoJo.  Trey told me we would cancel the party if JoJo was unable to attend.  Good thing baby Avery stayed but long enough for JoJo to get here (help a ton) and get back to Arkansas.  Either my house is shrinking or everyone keeps having more kids (I think it is the second one) because I feel like we are running out of space.  It always seems to go so fast but we will plan to do it again next year!  

At first Landry was a little scared of the Big Guy but once present time came she was more than willing to get her gift and a quick photo.  Hayden was a "little" upset.  It had more to do with the fact that she was hungry than who was holding her.  Still...makes for a classic first Santa picture.

Before Santa leaves he always hands out candy canes and tells the kids about how the candy cane really stands for Jesus and teaches them how to hold it correctly.  Miss L nows says, "J is for Jesus" all the time.  I am sure Jessie and JoJo will have something to say about that.

Don't forget to give him your list...Scooter, Doll, new blue Doll carrier!  Sure hope she has been a good girl.  

Here are some classic "Santa Lap" pictures from the party.

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