disaster averted...

A potential tragic event ALMOST took place in the Whitehead family garage.  It all started when I arrived home around 6 pm last night and noticed our Christmas lights were not working.  I went outside and fiddled with the timer but nothing happened so I just assumed with the rain they blew a fuse and decided to wait until Trey returned from San Antonio to investigate.  After dinner I promised Landry some ice cream, when I went out in the garage to retrieve the "spiced pumpkin pecan" Blue Bell (if you haven't had it you should...it's amazing) from the freezer I noticed it was not as cold as normal and the ice cream had begun to melt.  I just figured our old fridge had finally bit the dust.  I immediately began taking things out of our freezer to put into the deep freeze which as been taken over with my MILK supply when I noticed that was not working either.  I PANICKED!!!  If you know me you know my milk supply is a true gift from god!  It is considered liquid gold in this house.  It was ALL beginning to melt.  I called Trey and told him what was happening.  He came to the rescue and knew exactly what to tell me to do.  Apparently the rain had shorted out the christmas lights and when that happened they tripped the breaker in the garage which happens to be the same outlet our freezer and fridge are plugged into.  WOW!!!! What a nightmare that would have been.  Moral of the story...thank God for ice cream!!!

Now...for those who have not been here to see this supply in person here is a picture of my stash.  This picture does not do it justice.  I estimate there is about 2 1/2 months worth of milk for Miss H.  And keep in mind I only pump once or twice a day.  Sign me up for the state fair...I am a true Momma cow!

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  1. Oh No, I tried to keep a stash like that when I was breast-feeding but I was no where near this......Holy Cow ( Not literally) Im your newest follower and I love your blog and this made me laugh.