say cheese

Hayden had a great day today, she is finally starting to show us her little personality.  After her afternoon nap she was in a great mood so I was able to get some pictures of her and her cute smile.  I am also happy to report that she slept ALL night last night.  I am sure this was just a fluke and will not happen again for some time but for the most part she is a great sleeper.  I usually get at least 1 five hour stretch durning the night...I will take what I can get.  Last night it was more like 6 1/2 hours.  If you can't tell by now it's nearly impossible for me to photograph both of my children together.  If Landry is up for pictures Hayden is sleeping, if Hayden is happy Landry is typically in some sort of a mood or at school.  I'm sure they will get them on the same page soon.  But it's nice to give Hayden some blog LOVE, we love our sweet little baby H!!!


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