mommy night out

Last night I was able to go out to dinner with my girlfriends thanks to my wonderful husband who was willing to roll solo at home for the evening.  Having both girls by yourself in the evening is not an easy task.  This is typically Hayden's fussiest time of the day and Landry is always a challenge when it comes to bedtime.  We have been working on Landry for about six months now, we have good weeks and bad weeks.  Bottom line...the girl doesn't like to go to bed, Trey says she is exactly like he was and still is.  As for Hayden, we are still working on getting her on a good schedule in the evening.  If she were the only child we would probably have this already mastered but because we have to focus on Miss L poor Hayden's schedule is always changing.  She is still sleeping great at night once she is down which is what I really care about.

Before I went out last night Trey took a very rare picture of me and BOTH girls, it almost didn't happen then someone remembered the BIG guy is watching...he he he!

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  1. You look great girl!!!!!! yeah for girls' night!!!