My little Tinker Bell Princess

To kick off our Halloween weekend Mom and I attended Landry's Halloween party at Mrs. Kelly's house.  About a month ago, after I had already purchased her Halloween costume, Landry informed me that her, Brooke & Raelee we all going to be Tinker Bell.  Hmmm...this was news to me.  I knew Trey would kill me if I went out and purchased another costume, but then I remembered that Cousin Kamryn had given us one of her old costumes.  JoJo made some alterations so it would fit Landry better, I added some wings and a green flower for her hair and POOF...we have a cute little Tinker Bell Princess!!!  And everyone was happy!

Mrs. Kelly always does a fantastic job keeping these kiddos entertained at parties.  She had games for them to play and even a "pumpkin hunt", you can see from the photo Landry was VERY excited about finding her pumpkin and the stickers hidden inside.  Party #1 & costume #1 down, 3 more days of Halloween fun to go!

This picture is for my Aunt Sarah...can you guess what was on top of the cupcake.
Yep...Candy Corn!  I think you might have started something.

Princess Mrs. Kelly and her kiddos

A Tinker Bell stare down

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