Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

Our Thanksgiving Day was pretty low key...that is if you ignored about all the moody, crying children.  We spent the day with the Johnson Family and thought we would have a relaxing holiday.  Between all 4 of our children someone was either crying, wining or tattling the entire time.  I knew we were in trouble when about 11 am Landry started to get into one of her clingy moods.  Bottom line...the kid was tired but she doesn't want to hear that unless you plan to lay down with her.  I hate these moods, they always come on when Trey and I are trying to get things done around the house.  Once Landry finally settled down it was Hayden's turn.  Of course, she was hungry right as I was fixing my plate to sit down and eat.  Not even a screaming kid is going to stop me from my Thanksgiving feast!  Then it was Blakey's turn, poor little guy is teething like crazy so he was one unhappy camper.  Not to mention the two older kids are not great about including him in their activities.  Poor Blake!  In between all of this you have the usual Landry v.s Cole fight over a particular toy.  You know...just your typical kid stuff.  So as you can see from the family picture below...this is the best we could do.  And NO...I wasn't even drinking at this point!  Thank you to the Johnson for spending the day with us, I am sure we will have many more holidays together in the future.

This was our turkey we named Gobble Gobble Tom!  We are quickly becoming THOSE people...you know...the ones with all the blow up yard decorations.  What can I say...our kid loves them!

Landry and I got a little crafty with some finger paints.
I have found that all kid art looks better when framed.

Landry was a big help the day before Thanksgiving helping me tear bread for the dressing.

All of our sibling photos start like this....

And end like this...

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  1. I love these pictures! I love gobble gobble tom and the ones of landry cooking are adorable. And, I feel you on the siblings pictures. hilarious.