almost turkey time

I have been very bad about posting these last couple of weeks because I have been fully involved in trying to get my house ready for Christmas.  Yes, I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet but I like to have it done so after Thanksgiving I can just enjoy the month of December.  This year it looks like my big tree is going to have to wait until after turkey day to get beautified...I am just running out of time and need to focus on my turkey.  We decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year, Trey's family invited us to Houston but as you all know traveling with 2 young kiddos is NOT an easy task.  Since we are heading to Arkansas for Christmas and our return date is TBD upon Baby Thompson we thought it would be best to stay home.  Our good friends The Johnson's are also in town with no family so we are having Brooks, Katie, Cole & Blakey over of dinner.  Kids can play, guys can watch football and Katie and I can figure out what we need to go shopping for next :).  I am sure I will have lots of fun pictures to post so stay tuned.  I will also post some pictures of the wreaths I have been working on.  Here are a few pictures of the girls from this last week!

This is what she spends most of her time doing...if she is not sleeping she is spitting up.  Damn reflux!

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  1. We are ALL so excited to spend Turkey day with the Whitehead family!!