Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!

Baby Hayden Day is almost here!  I just went to my final doctors appointment today and everything looks good.  We will head to the hospital at 5:30 tomorrow morning to start the induction process.  If all goes as planned we should have a new Baby Girl by mid afternoon tomorrow.  JoJo has been in town since Sunday afternoon to help with Landry and to help get the final chores done before Baby Hayden arrives.  She has been tending to Landry (actually Landry doesn't want anything to do with her parents right now, only JoJo) taking her to preschool, cooking and cleaning.  Oh...and lots of laundry!

Last night Trey and I got one final dinner and a movie date night.  It was nice to just get away for a while.  We splurged and went to the fancy iPic movie theater here in Allen that has recliners so I could keep my swollen feet up!  I will post pics on the blog as soon as we have our newest addition.


  1. Hey Kylie. Good luck and hope you enjoy your little bundle of joy. It looks like Hayden and Mason will be exactly two months apart. Maybe we can meet up together sometime. Talk to you soon.