Our new addition is here....

Miss Hayden Taylor made her entrance into the world at 6:08 pm on September 29th.  It was a very easy labor that consisted of 2 pushes.  From the looks and sounds of her she is not going to let anyone treat her like the "little sister".  She has been using her voice quite well, and is already a much better eater than Landry.  She looks nothing like her big sister at this point, she is much more "Garman" than Landry with lots of dark hair, which is exactly what both Jess and I had at birth.  Everyone is doing great!  Big Sister Landry could not be more excited to have a new baby sister.  The first thing Landry said when she saw her was, "she has black hair!"  I know she can't wait to get her home and play with her.  More pictures to come.

Hayden's Birth Stats:
Height: 18.9" Long
Weight: 8 lbs 7 oz


  1. So stinking cute! I love that she already has a hat on. Congratulations!! She's adorable!

  2. She's so BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to meet her. Darn cold...

  3. Congratulations!!! What a cutie!! Glad everyone is doing well!!

  4. Congratulations ~ Now you have two beautiful girls! Have you figured out how to get a big bow in her hair?

    JK - hope you are doing well and getting a little rest.