Showered with LOVE

My girlfriends in Dallas showered me with so much love on Saturday with a baby shower brunch at Jasper's.  It was such a great way to spend my Saturday morning.  The food and company were both amazing.  Hayden is already one spoiled lucky girl, I received so many cute girly things for her.  I have been saying for weeks I feel like she could come any day and Katie kept telling me...after the 10th.  We are past the 10th now so I think we are ready whenever she decides to make her big debut.

I am so lucky to live in a great neighborhood and work with such great girls.  I love everyone of you (some who aren't pictured) and I thank you all so much for making me feel so special.  Love you all!

Momma & Hayden at 37 weeks (almost)

My yummy omelet.  I had to post this just to make Aunt Jessie jealous.  She told me I always talk about Jasper's on the phone but every time she is here I never mention it and we never go.  Jess, I promise we can go next time.  You would love it.

The neighborhood girls

Amanda & Katie..."the planners".  Thank you girls so much!

My WSJ Girls...Jennifer & Tiffany

 I had to have another baby just to get some famous Sara Warner handmade blankets.  I have been giving her grief for 2 1/2 years at every baby shower.  Her machine was broken when Landry was born so she wasn't making them.  Thank goodness she got it fixed in time for Hayden's arrival.  Sara...Hayden will love them.


Hayden doesn't know it but she will have an arranged marriage with Baby Gavin Johnson, he is due to make his arrival on Dec. 1st.  I hope he likes older chicks!  


  1. sniff sniff.
    Y'all all look so vibrant and glowing! Glad you had a good time and got some good girly things this time around!

  2. I don't think I posted my last comment right ... sorry if you get this twice. You guys look so pretty! Kylie, you look amazing! Can't wait to meet baby Hayden!