The name game

We have OFFICIALLY decided on a name for the newest member of The Whitehead Family.  Naming your child might be one of the more overwhelming tasks of pregnancy.  The first time was fairly easy for me...I knew I wanted Landry.  The hard part then was knowing if Landry was going to be a Girl or a Boy...hmmmm!  Well we all know how that turned out!  This time there was more to consider.  I didn't want to use an L name because we call Landry Miss L, and that would be confusing if I had two girls called Miss L.  Secondly, how well did it flow with Landry, you would be surprised there are many names that don't flow well especially names that end in y or ie.  And lastly I preferred a gender neutral name since that is what we gave Landry.  So after much debate we have decided on.... 

Hayden Taylor Whitehead
Hayden because I have always loved it and Taylor after my grandmother Virginia Marie Taylor.  

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