Preschool here we come...

Landry is going to be starting preschool 5 days a week in September with Miss Kelly.  She has been talking about Brooke's crayon box for a year now and she finally got to get one of her own.  Kelly gave me her school supply list last week which consisted of: glue (2 types), twistable crayons, safety scissors & of course a box.  Landry insisted we go to the store right away and pick up the needed supplies.  She obsessed over "organizing" this box for 2 nights, I finally insisted we go ahead and take it to Kelly's house in preparation for the Sept. 1st start of preschool.  I don't think I could take another month of "color box" talk and organization.  I did manage to get a picture of her with the box (we even decorated it with stickers).  As you can see she is one proud little girl!

I just realized that Madie was close by in both pictures.  She doesn't let us get too far from her these days.  You will also notice the new living room addition of a soccer goal...Yes, this was a Daddy purchase.  Trey brought this home right after I told him I enrolled her in dance class.  He is bound to have an athlete...even if it is a girl!

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  1. Dancers are athletes too although as we all know not all athletes are dancers! Love you! JoJo